Increase your data quality in
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Organize and update your contacts, leads, and accounts quickly and efficiently with AutoMerge.


Tired of seeing duplicate contacts, leads, or accounts records?

Let AutoMerge take the headache out of deduplication of your Dynamics CRM data. Quickly and securely find and merge data through AutoMerge’s intelligent duplication detection – no matter the size of your database.

How does AutoMerge work?


Analyze your Dynamics 365 data

Within minutes, you can identify duplicate matches using our default matching rules – or customize them to your business needs! 

  • Find duplicates using our Azure-based exact & advanced fuzzy matching logic
  • Match duplicates by first name, last name, email, phone, company, zip code, and more
  • Find matches using multiple filters

Find out how many duplicates you have in your CRM with our free Data Quality Report.

AutoMerge – Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Duplicate Detector and Merger – Analyze Data
AutoMerge – Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Duplicate Detector and Merger – Validating Sets


Validate match sets

Tired of filtering data yourself to validate data? AutoMerge filters your data within Dynamics List Views so you don’t have to.

  • Validate in your own CRM
  • View high-confidence and low-confidence matches with our precision percentage value
  • Add your own columns to the list views to compare them across matched records


AutoMerge match sets

AutoMerge in bulk in a fraction of the time. Merge large or small lists of data with little to no effort.

  • Quickly merge entire lists of data in one click
  • Customize duplicates merge in your CRM and/or in our AutoMerge Management App
  • Afraid of losing data? AutoMerge automatically preserves loser data within the winner data
AutoMerge – Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Duplicate Detector and Merger – Matching Sets

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