Intelligent Duplicate Detection and Automate-able Merging of Leads, Accounts or Contacts in Dynamics 365

#1 Analyze

  • Log in to the AutoMerge Management Portal to submit an analysis request on your Leads, Accounts or Contacts
  • Our Azure-based service uses advanced fuzzy matching logic to find those elusive duplicates
  • Take advantage of our default matching rules or customize them to your business needs | Match on any OOB or Custom field | Match on any field in related (N:1/parent) records too!
  • Fuzzy-matching allows for nicknames, misspellings, phone/address/company name variants, etc...
  • Cross-field-matching finds duplicate phone / email / street / etc... data across the many fields they may be lurking.
  • Matched records are ranked within each duplicate set based on customizable rules, so the appropriate record will win the eventual AutoMerge operation | Rank on any OOB/custom field, or from related (N:1/parent) records
  • A precision % is applied to each duplicate set based on how closely matched the records are.
  • Resulting duplicate information is written back to your CRM into the fields of our (pre-installed) AutoMerge Solution.
  • You are notified via email when the analysis process is complete.

#2 Validate

  • You validate the matched sets in duplicate views within your CRM.
  • Use the applied precision % value to view the high-confidence versus low-confidence matches.
  • Add your own columns to these duplicate views to compare them across the matched records.

#3 AutoMerge

  • The AutoMerge button (and the plugin it triggers) replaces the built-in merge wizard. AutoMerge will merge sets of any size with a single button click.
  • AutoMerge performs the merging for you and preserves data from loser to winner
  • If you like pain, you can still use the built-in merge wizard and work through the tagged duplicates 2x2. 🙂
  • Log in to AutoMerge Management Portal and automatically merge all duplicates above a certain Precision %

“Our data management and marketing automation processes have been greatly improved by the de-duplication performed by AutoMerge and we are now utilizing a lead import process that allows us to avoid duplicate records going forward. Having started out with only a vague idea of our needs and where to find a solution, we were very lucky to have stumbled upon AutoMerge. Our team would definitely recommend AutoMerge to anyone looking for a user-friendly data hygiene solution.”

Shaina Warner – Creative Marketing Specialist at Radiant Vision Systems