Announcing the AutoMerge Management Application – General Availability

Automerge Management App Customer Profile

Announcing General Availability of the AutoMerge Management Application

The AutoMerge Management Application has always been the backend xRM driving the management of our Azure-based AutoMerge Service. Now you can access it directly through your subscription. 

Up until now our customers have managed their AutoMerge subscriptions using our Portal. And though the Portal served us well, it had some limitations. Going forward we’re having our Customers/Partners log directly into the management application itself. Since it is a Dynamics xRM model-driven application, the learning curve is easy for CRM users.

After we invite you in, you’ll log in using your existing O365 login…

AutoMerge Management App Login Screen
Login Screen

And once in you can manage all aspects of your subscription:

  • Customer Profile
  • CRM Connections
  • Matching/Ranking/Precision Configs
  • Requests
  • etc…
Automerge Management App Customer Profile
Automerge Management App Customer Profile
If you are an existing customer and can't wait for us to reach out to transition you to the new Management App, email us and we'll move you up the schedule.
If you aren't yet a customer and are interested in a free trial:


Be safe out there…

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