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AutoMerge is an intelligent duplicate detection program for Microsoft Dynamics 365. AutoMerge can automatically merge duplicate data using our default and customizable matching and ranking logic to organize and improve your data quality seamlessly and efficiently.

Yes, AutoMerge works only in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM at this time.

Yes, we do! Dynamics 365 Partners are welcome to join our Partner program. Dynamics 365 Partners receive several benefits, including free usage of AutoMerge in their own Dynamics tenant.

Contact us at for more information.

STEP 1: Analyze

  • Log in to the AutoMerge Management Portal to submit an analysis request on your Leads, Accounts or Contacts
  • Our Azure-based service uses advanced fuzzy matching logic to find those elusive duplicates
  • Take advantage of our default matching rules or customize them to your business needs
    • Match on any OOB or Custom field
    • Match on any field in related (N:1/parent) records too!
  • Fuzzy-matching allows for nicknames, misspellings, phone/address/company name variants, etc…
  • Cross-field-matching finds duplicate phone / email / street / etc… data across the many fields they may be lurking.
  • Matched records are ranked within each duplicate set based on customizable rules, so the appropriate record will win the eventual AutoMerge operation
    • Rank on any OOB/custom field, or from related (N:1/parent) records
  • A precision % is applied to each duplicate set based on how closely matched the records are.
  • Resulting duplicate information is written back to your CRM into the fields of our (pre-installed) AutoMerge Solution.
  • You are notified via email when the analysis process is complete.

STEP 2: Validate

  • You validate the matched sets in duplicate views within your CRM.
  • Use the applied precision % value to view the high-confidence versus low-confidence matches.
  • Add your own columns to these duplicate views to compare them across the matched records.

STEP 3: AutoMerge

  • The AutoMerge button (and the plugin it triggers) replaces the built-in merge wizard. AutoMerge will merge sets of any size with a single button click.
  • AutoMerge performs the merging for you and preserves data from loser to winner
  • If you like pain, you can still use the built-in merge wizard and work through the tagged duplicates 2×2.
  • Log in to AutoMerge Management Portal and automatically merge all duplicates above a certain Precision %

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM allows several ways to input leads, accounts, and contacts through: 

  • manual entry
  • import wizard
  • data migrations/integrations with other business line systems

All of these processes result in duplicates. Your end-users will know if there’s a duplicate problem if they are in the CRM daily but cannot quantify it.

Our no-obligation Data Quality Report will tell you how many duplicate leads, accounts or contacts you have and even give you some examples. To receive your free Data Quality Report, visit our Contact page.

The Data Quality Report is a summary of an analysis of your active Leads/Accounts/Contacts. For each of these entities, you will see how many duplicates were detected using our default matching logic and some clues as to how we found them. Also included in the report are several hundred sample duplicate sets from your CRM for you to validate individually.

The Data Quality Report provides actionable insight as to how serious your duplicate problem has become. The report is provided free and none of your CRM data is modified in the process. To learn more, visit our Data Quality Report page here.

To receive your free Data Quality Report, visit our Contact page. 

The Data Quality Report consists only of an analysis of your CRM data. None of your CRM data is modified in the process.

The Free Trial consists of both the Data Quality Report analysis AND tagging of random duplicates in your CRM up to 500 sets that have a precision rate of 90% and above. The Free Trial allows one to see the full functionality of AutoMerge end-to-end.

To start your Free Trial, please fill out the form on our Contact page here. Be sure to click the “Would you also like to start a free trial right away?” checkbox.

For all pricing & plans, please visit our Pricing page.

Fear not! AutoMerge created two User Guides for quick instruction on how to use our software in your CRM and in the AutoMerge Management Application.

See below for links to each guide:

AutoMerge User Guide

AutoMerge Management Application User Guide

Still have questions? Contact us and we would be happy to help answer your questions!

In addition to our User Guides, AutoMerge created an error message reference guide.

See below for links to each guide:

AutoMerge Error Message Guide

AutoMerge User Guide

AutoMerge Management Application User Guide

Still have questions? Contact us and we would be happy to help answer your questions!

How AutoMerge Works

“Fuzzy matching” simply means not exact, but close enough. Our fuzzy matching logic will find duplicates regardless of the various ways we humans enter data.

For example, ask ten people to create a single new contact record with the usual name, address, and phone fields. You’ll most likely receive ten different results. AutoMerge will find these duplicates and match them up.

Our default logic defines  the most recently updated Lead/Account/Contact as the primary record to “win” the pending AutoMerge operation. Based on your pricing plan, this can be customized to follow any decision logic you can imagine, including referencing information on related records such as Activities, Opportunities, Cases, or Custom entities.

On a set-by-set basis, you can change which record should “win” the pending AutoMerge operation by using our AutoMerge Set Primary button.

The loser record(s) are disabled but not deleted – just like the behavior of the out-of-box merge dialog. AutoMerged Leads/Accounts/Contacts can always be seen in a subgrid from the remaining winner (primary) record until you Bulk Delete them to recover the disk space they occupy.

Yes! You are always in control. No duplicate sets are automatically merged until you say so. You can use our AutoMerge command bar/ribbon button to merge multiple sets yourself or simply log into the AutoMerge Management Application and submit a request. 

AutoMerge also has a Match Precision % field to let you know how similar the records in each set of duplicates are. With this, you can submit a request to us to AutoMerge all dupes sets above X% and manually validate/AutoMerge the rest (below X%) yourself.

Yes, use the AutoMerge Ignore command bar/ribbon button. It will remove selected record(s) from existing duplicate set(s) and prevent them from being matched in the future.

You may also un-ignore those records in the future with a simple bulk edit or by submitting a request via the AutoMerge Management Application.

AutoMerge has a system-wide configurable set of fields that are reviewed prior to every AutoMerge operation. During the AutoMerge process – for each “preservation” field – if the winning (primary) record has no value for that field and the loser (non-primary) record does have a value, the loser’s field value is automatically copied into the winning record.

The built-in CRM merge wizard is much too cumbersome and error-prone to use for more than a few sets of duplicates.

Security & Privacy

We are committed to safeguarding the online privacy of our users and recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of the personal information we collect. To read our full Privacy Policy, click here.

Our service works best with Dynamics 365 (Online), any Dynamics Partner-hosted sites, or On-Premise with Internet Facing Deployment (2011 versions and forward).

If you are running your CRM behind a closed firewall, let us know. There are ways to overcome this while maintaining a safe network. 

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