Install the AutoMerge Solution

How to import the AutoMerge Managed Solution into your Dynamics CRM

The AutoMerge Managed Solution has the components that need to be added to your CRM to facilitate the viewing and quickly (or automatically) merging your already-tagged duplicate sets. 

This article explains how you install the latest AutoMerge Solution (zip file). You’ll need to perform these steps for each CRM Organizations you wish to analyze for duplicates. (Production, Sandbox/Dev, Sandbox/Test, etc…)

1. Download the latest AutoMerge Solution here:
Save the .zip file locally.

2. Log into your CRM as a user with the built-in System Administrator security role.

3. On the main CRM window, click the cog icon at the upper right, then choose Advanced Settings


4. Within Settings, go to the Solutions area.

5. Within the Solutions area, click on Import.

6. In the Import wizard, find the solution zip file you previously downloaded and click Next.

8. Accept the default import options and click Import.

That’s it.

Wait for the import to complete successfully. Since it’s a “managed” solution there should be no need to Publish customizations at the end. 

What is the AutoMerge (Managed) Solution?

Check out the user guide here.

Happy AutoMerging!