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Install the AutoMerge Solution

How to import the AutoMerge Managed Solution into your Dynamics CRM The AutoMerge Managed Solution has the components that need to be added to your CRM to facilitate the viewing and quickly (or automatically) merging your already-tagged duplicate sets.  This … Read More

AutoMerge CRM Connection Verify

How to Create an Azure App (User) for AutoMerge Service Connection

Create an Azure App User allowing the AutoMerge service to connect to your CRM. Microsoft no longer allows services such as AutoMerge to connect to Dynamics CRM using named users.  Services don’t and cannot do any multi-factor-authentication and using named … Read More

CRM Contact Form with am_automergemodifiedon highlighted

The usefulness of Dynamics CRM’s modifiedon field is limited. We can do better.

The usefulness of Dynamics CRM’s modifiedon field is limited. We can do better. The out-of-box modifiedon field tells you when the last time any change was made to a record. The CRM platform creates and manages the modifiedon field for all … Read More

AutoMerge Match Rules

Configuring Match Rules – Deep Dive

Deep Dive: Configuring Match Rules in the AutoMerge Management App The match rules within your Matching/Ranking Configuration record reference a particular entity (Lead/Account/Contact) and determine how the analysis engine finds duplicates in your CRM.  The default set of Match Rules … Read More

Field Preservation Values On Loser Copy Via Workflow Rule

Configuring Complex Field Preservation to Run While AutoMerging Duplicate Sets

Configuring Complex Field-Preservation When AutoMerging a set of duplicates, our plugin will preserve populated fields from the loser records (Rank≥2) into UN-populated fields on the winner (Rank=1). It will do this for all fields contained in the comma-separated-list in the … Read More

Potential Duplicates with Editable Field Chooser Form screenshot

Potential Duplicates and Editable Field-Chooser Subgrid Web Resource

Potential Duplicates and Editable Field-Chooser Subgrid (Web Resource) A couple months back we announced a new web resource to show end-users the potential duplicates in a subgrid right on the form. That earler version depicts a read-only list of records … Read More

AppSource AutoMerge Page Screenshot

Test Drive AutoMerge on AppSource

AutoMerge is available for a “Test Drive” on AppSource We have converted our AutoMerge listing to TEST DRIVE so anyone can try it out.  AppSource is Microsoft’s marketplace to help businesses find tailored solutions (apps) for their industry. AutoMerge – Microsoft Dynamics … Read More


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AutoMerge User Guide

AutoMerge User Guide Learn how to AutoMerge data within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM! Table of Contents “AutoMerge Contacts” Dashboard View “AM Contact Dupes” List Views Viewing Potential Duplicates Before AutoMerging Potential Duplicates Subgrid AutoMerging Duplicates Complex Field Preservation Viewing … Read More