Test Drive AutoMerge on AppSource

AutoMerge is available for a "Test Drive" on AppSource

We have converted our AutoMerge listing to TEST DRIVE so anyone can try it out. 

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AppSource AutoMerge Page Screenshot
AutoMerge – Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Duplicate Detector and Merger – App Login

What is the AutoMerge “Test Drive?”

  • AutoMerge “Test Drive” is a Dynamics 365 CE (CRM) environment. This environment contains sample Leads, Accounts, and Contacts that have been pre-analyzed for duplicates.

How can AutoMerge help me?

  • Any CRM user who’s frustrated with multiple copies of the same customer record can benefit from AutoMerge.
  • AutoMerge’s powerful fuzzy matching engine finds elusive duplicates and tags them in your CRM for your review. You can either automerge the results in bulk, preserving data in each field appropriately, and/or automerge individually matched duplicate sets with a field-chooser right on the form – all during the course of your usual business process.
  • AutoMerging duplicate sets (whether its one set or multiple sets) can take up to a few seconds to complete, unlike the out-of-the-box Merge function.


Is “Test Drive” similar to the old listing?

  • Similar to our old listing, the new AutoMerge “Test Drive” allows your O365 user to be invited directly into our demonstration organization to get the full experience.


How long do I have access to the AutoMerge “Test Drive?”

  • With a normal AutoMerge subscription, you would have login access to our AutoMerge Management Application (a separate Dynamics model-driven app) to submit analysis/tagging requests. In this shortened test drive scenario, we have done this for you.
  • Each Test Drive session lasts 4 hours.

Happy AutoMerging!